Boost your performance as a Human Resources Professional

In this course, you will learn how to increase your energy to improve your performance, increase movement, motivation and overcome procrastination, reduce stress and become more resilient, learn how to focus to achieve goals faster, use Emotional Intelligence to resolve conflict and communicate better, and become a more authentic and attractive leader. There are 6 powerful video and audio lessons with work-sheets, hand-outs and interactive exercises. The course comes with a comprehensive book on health written by the instructor, a goal-setting workbook and powerful tips and tools.


“I recently participated in the Transformational Health and Success for HR Professionals and it was exceptional learning on a business and personal level. It was very timely and empowering. As a busy HR professional we sometimes are working to help others in our organizations so much, our needs and health take a back seat. During this 6 week guided process, Tish shared the latest information on health and how HR professionals can implement strategies in the organizations we work for to optimize the health and wellbeing of employees, better lead and communicate and focus our teams with the end result of building stronger organizations. Tish provided weekly goals and asked us to step up for optimal success. In the end, we are on a healthier and more meaningful path, we have tools to support our teams within our organizations to be more engaged and productive. Tish has excellent knowledge and is passionate about health and personal and corporate performance and has a ton of information to share.”

Senior HR Manager

Lotte S.

“I recently finished taking the THS-Course for Professionals and loved it. Patricia (Tish) did a great job of taking the many hundreds of things we can do to be better leaders and offered great tips and ideas along with fun interactive exercises for each of the 6 dynamic and entertaining sessions. Thanks again Tish for this great course!! I learned a ton and have incorporated many of the ideas into my daily work and living already and see a huge difference. Once you get your planning done for next year, I’d love to hear about new training and courses.”

HR Executive

Denise B.

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Course Outline
    • Goal Setting Workbook
    • eBook: ABCs of Food Boost Your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition
  • 02
    Session 1: Peak Performance Energy
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    • Worksheet: Energy Audit
    • Worksheet: Peak Performance Energy
    • Handout: Power Foods
    • Handout: Improving Digestion to Boost Energy
    • Video - Peak Performance Energy
    • Audio - Peak Performance Energy from Nutrition (31 min)
  • 03
    Session 2: Movement is Power
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    • Worksheet: Movement is Power
    • Handout: Exercise Tips to Stay Motivated
    • Handout: Desk Exercises
    • Video - Movement is Power
    • Audio: Movement is Power (28 mins)
  • 04
    Session 3: Be a Stress Management Guru
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    • Worksheet: Be a Stress Management Guru
    • Handout: Stress Management Tips
    • Handout: Reduce Stress Through Sleep
    • Video - Be a Stress Management Guru
    • Audio: Be a Stress Management Guru
  • 05
    Session 4: Focus - Getting in the Zone
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    • Worksheet: Focus - Getting in the Zone
    • Handout: Focus - Getting in the Zone
    • Handout: Focus Types & Brain Teasers
    • Video - Focus -- Getting in the Zone
    • Audio: Focus - Get in the Zone (25 mins)
  • 06
    Session 5: Master Communicator
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    • Worksheet: Master Communicator
    • Handout: Master Communicator
    • Video - Master Communicator
    • Audio: Master Communicator (26 mins)
  • 07
    Session 6: Attraction Leadership
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    • Worksheet: Attraction Leadership
    • Handout: Attraction Leadership
    • Handout: 50 Ideas to Boost your Wellness Program
    • Worksheet: Vision Board - Attract your Dream Life
    • Video - Attraction Leadership
    • Audio : Attraction Leadership (25 mins)
  • 08
    Session 7 - Conclusion
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    • Congratulations